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    Iron Balls Gin is a premium gin meticulously made in Southeast Asia using a secret recipe of locally sourced fresh ingredients including pineapple, coconut, citrus fruits, ginger, lemongrass, coriander seeds, and juniper.

    A tropical palate emphasized with some mouth-watering citrus notes and a long-lasting finish.


    Before gin distillation begins, we infuse at air temperature our distinctive base spirit for minimum 7 days with our botanicals to ensure the natural essences and flavours are fully absorbed. Natural temperature infusion in our tropical climate is the most delicate way to collect our essences without altering their primal state.


    Freshly pulped pineapple is then added to the bottom of the still with our botanically steeped spirit. The distillation process can now start, and another botanical absorption and interaction takes place via vapour infusion towards the top of the still.


    Distillation is continuously monitored and completed through a slow heating process, in small batches, to ensure the character and quality of our final spirit.

    Our freshly cut and juices pineapples are slow cooking in the pot. Too much heat would result in a burnt sugar flavour and leave the pineapple flavour behind to be disposed! 


    Every single bottle is checked, labelled, and roped by hand, before being shipped across the globe. There are no machines in the world that can welcome our singular bottle shape you would find nowhere else in this world.

    Customer Reviews

    Based on 12 reviews
    Problema risolto!

    Ho ricevuto da Iron Balls una bottiglia in sostituzione di quella che avevo ricevuto rotta. Il servizio clienti é stato molto efficiente e mi ha seguito in questo periodo di attesa.
    Il gin é fantastico, il migliore equilibrio che abbia mai provato in un gin!
    Mi permetto di suggerire attenzione nell’imballaggio delle spedizioni, é un peccato che questo buon prodotto vada disperso nella scatola :)
    Grazie Iron balls

    1 bottiglia su 2 rotta . 1 bottle out of 2 broken

    Arrivato un pacco con una bottiglia su due completamente rotta e vuota.
    L'imballo non è adeguato per spedire un prodotto di vetro.
    Ho scritto immediatamente ad iron balls per avere una nuova spedizione o un rimborso.
    Ho dovuto anche fare un claim ad UPS ed ho perso 2 ore di tempo con il loro sito che non riusciva a caricare le immagini.
    Al momento una brutta esperienza, mi dispiace molto.
    Disposto ad aggiornare la recensione se il problema viene risolto velocemente

    Peter Jager
    Best artisan gin ever

    As a former BKK expat I witnessed the launch of Iron Balls. It turned me into a gin lover at once. This unique product with its unique brand is outstanding by all means. The Thai spices blend perfectly with the citrus and floral notes in this gin. Once the best kept secret and now enjoying worldwide acclaim. A true delight. Thanks, Ashley and friends! Peter

    jamie padginton
    Iron balls gin

    Lovely subtle fruity gin that reminds me of our trip to Thailand. 👍

    Thanks Jamie!

    Charlotte kirk
    Shipping Errors, 30 days No Gin

    I'm actually really sad that I have to write this review. Iron Ball is a fantastic Gin hands down in the top 3 Gins in the world. That being said, this order and shipping went really wrong. First it went to the wrong address (billing) not the requested shipping address. That would of been okay , but sadly I'm in military transit state and am no longer living at the billing address. The Iron Ball rep asked me who signed for it and what happen to the gin. After calling some folks still on base I was able to get a hold of new residents. They were willing to return to shipper but iron ball rep said no that's okay they will ship to the requested address. 10 Days after that I followed up to ask for a status update and I received a UPS label for a person in California, when the requested shipping address was North Carolina. After almost 30 days and a missed birthday the Gin has still not arrived.
    Which stinks because Iron Ball is my favorite and I have sent gifts before and even brought some back from Thailand and Japan because it's just that damn good. I hope soon the gin will be delivered.

    As of 29 Apr 22 Update to the missing bottle. Iron Ball did attempt to send another bottle but UPS has now lost that bottle. I reached out to the customer service team to just ask for a refund and the stated they are working with UPS to figure out the situation. It has been almost 2 months and the gin has failed to reach the destination nor have I received a refund. At this point I had to submit a dispute with my credit card. The iron ball team said I got a refund from UPS but UPS stated they refund the shipper. (See photo)

    Again the Gin is incredible but the shipping issues and tone of Phil's emails are kind of rude.

    Dear Charlotte,

    Please find here the correct tracking Nr by UPS
    Tracking 1ZW249W20444473163

    Sorry to read that you guys had to write such a report.
    It would be good if you can take this review down, as we have send a replacement bottle as spoken without asking anything else in return.

    UPS did a mistake and someone signed for the bottle, which hasn’t been yourself and they should not have left it there.
    To get UPS to reroute seemed a difficult task talking hours to UPS, which they ask me to provide proof of who has received the bottle.

    We took it serious and have send right away a bottle to your address provided.

    Here a timeline:
    20. march parcel left to wrong address
    27. March we contacted you as we found out the error
    29. March we get infos that we can’t reroute or do anything as the bottle has been accepted at the old address
    30. March we informed you we will send replacement bottle to the right address and that the people received the package can keep it.

    We did everything possible and hope the bottle reach soon the right destination

    Anything you need let me know

    With best regards