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Iron Balls Warm Gin Cocktails 2/2

Hello Champions,

Here is the end part of our recipes to spend a warm Christmas with Iron Balls.


Carson Quinn


🫖 🍸 Hot Gin Toddy

In a small teapot brew 200ml your favorite tea and let steep. Add honey to taste 30ml should suffice, squeeze in half of a fresh lemon the add 60ml of Iron Balls Gin. Stir and let rest a few moments before serving in your favorite teacups. (I like Chamomile or Chrysanthemum tea for this and I like to use a clear glass tea set so my guests can see the flowers.)


🫖 🍸 Gin Hot Chocolate with Vanilla and Orange Whipped Cream

For this recipe you will want to start with a traditional hot chocolate recipe. I start with 600ml whole, semi-skim or almond milk, bring it to a simmer whisking occasionally, I then add 1-tablespoon demerara sugar and continue whisking. At this point I slowly whisk in about 250 grams of finely chopped semisweet dark chocolate (use the best chocolate you can get for this bit). Once all the chocolate is smooth you can stir in 75ml of Iron Balls Gin and set aside. Grate the skin of one large orange and set the gratings aside to dry slightly. In a mixing bowl (I use my countertop stand mixer with the whisk attachment) you will whisk 500ml heavy cream, 1-teaspoon real vanilla extract and 1-tablespoon of fine white baking sugar until you have sharp peaks. Add the dry grated orange skin setting aside just enough for garnish and whisk a few seconds more. Dollop this on your gin hot chocolate and garnish with a bit of the orange zest before serving.


🫖 🍸 Warm gin soaked raisins:

In a small saucepan add 250 grams of golden raisins, 20ml honey, one cinnamon stick and 300ml of Iron Balls Gin, bring to a simmer then cover and turn off the heat. Let this rest in the pan and warm it slightly before serving strained raisins (about a table spoon) into small ramekins. Remember you can use the same gin over and over just add more raisins and heat to a simmer again.


Bruléed Apple Skewer

Slice a green apple into sixths and pierce each with a wooden skewer. Dust lightly with cinnamon powder and then white sugar making certain the sugar is evenly and thinly coated. Hit the apples with a small kitchen torch ensuring the flame is blue and melts the sugar only to a medium to light brown. Rest on baking paper before serving.


Candied Orange Peels:

With a vegetable peeler remove the skin of 3 large oranges. Slice into long strips and put into a saucepan. Cover with cold water and bring to a boil and drain. Repeat this 3 times or until the pith of the orange peel becomes slightly translucent. Drain orange peels and set aside. In the sauce pan add 750 grams of white sugar and 500ml of water, bring to a simmer and stir until clear. Add the orange peels and let simmer for one hour. Drain the orange peels making sure to keep the syrup (it’s great in other things). When the peels are nearly dry put them in a large mixing bowl and toss with fine white baking sugar. Spread them on baking paper and let dry, preferably under a fan, for a few hours. Transfer them to plastic storage containers lined with baking paper and keep in cool dry place for up to 6 months.