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The product package is the first thing that customers notice, and it is usually the biggest factor that makes you either try or skip the product. And when it comes to spirits, the bottle design is not only about attracting the shoppers - it also reflects the brand’s identity and tells its story.

Modern gin manufacturers get insanely creative with their bottle designs. Gin drinkers can enjoy not only the exquisite taste of the drink but also the way the bottle looks on their shelf. In this article, we’ve collected the top gin bottle designs that you should pay attention to in 2021.

Iron Balls Gin (obviously the best Gin)

The Iron Balls gin goes for a simple yet memorable design and opens the list of cool gin bottles.

Being heavily inspired by the sea and navigation, the Iron Balls’ founder, Ashley Sutton, incorporated his passion into the bottle design. The bottle shape reminds of a water drop that is about to explode into a wave of flavor and has a very distinct sailorly vibe.

In addition to the amazing design, the premium Asian gin also surprises drinkers with a unique tropical flavor based on such botanical ingredients as pineapple, lemongrass, ginger, and juniper.

Bulldog Gin

This London dry gin has an extremely outstanding design that can easily score top places in the lists of top gin bottle designs. It can best be described as bold and that’s the description that the manufacturer goes with.

The bottle is pitch-black and very solid-looking, with a “dog collar” around the bottleneck which is a clever nod to the brand name. The design tells right away that the gin has a strong and straightforward flavor that corresponds nicely to its bottle design.

Roku Gin

Japan is known for its fine arts and beautiful designs and Roku gin is no exception. The bottle itself can serve as an element of your interior due to its breviloquent and appealing design.

Decorated with sakura flowers and with a Japanese kanji hieroglyph, the bottle was made in keeping with the best traditions of Japanese craft and can be named one of the best gin bottles out there.

Sea Glass Gin

As the name implies (and similar to the Iron Balls design), the Sea Glass gin bottle has distinct sea patterns.

It is decorated with mesmerizing waves and the manufacturer used a matching font that reminds of the bottles found in the sea. The blue and greenish colors together with the clarity of the bottle serve as a perfect display of how fresh and delicate this gin tastes. 

Forest Gin

This brand chose to go with obvious herbal patterns which are depicted perfectly on the bottle design. Right in the center of the bottle, you can see a weasel which also appears on the brand logo. The weasel seems to peek out from the wildwood and is surrounded by tree branches, leaves, and flowers.

And, judging from the design, it is easy to tell that this gin has a powerful “forest” flavor due to the presence of pine, wild raspberry, and gorse flower in the recipe. 

Ivy City Gin

The Ivy City gin bottle was created with the best American traditions in mind. The choice of powerful and somewhat old-school fonts and colors creates a wonderful first impression and reminds of dusty highways, never-ending road trips, and small yet welcoming cities.

The manufacturer’s aim was to make the Ivy City more famous and seems like the gin bottle handles the task really well.

Curio Gin

The Curio company went with a simplistic and delicate bottle design. The light flowery patters all over the bottle give a subtle hint on the gin flavor which, apparently, features 15 botanicals.

Bright colors and the minimalistic design of this nice bottle of gin shape promise a fresh and memorable taste which Curio Gin is known for.

Achroous Gin

Described as “brutal” by the judges of the International Wine and Spirits Competition, the design of the Achroous gin bottle is definitely something unique.

A bright-red bottle that really looks like dynamite features a clever logo right in the middle. And since the company’s name is Electric Spirit Co., the bottle design perfectly captures the essence of the brand.

Palma Gin Destilado

Last but not least on our list is the Palma Gin Destilado that comes from Spain. The origin of the spirit can be easily guessed by looking at the bottle design which has obvious and mesmerizing Mediterranean vibes.

A milky-white bottle features traditional Mediterranean patterns that immediately evoke the memories of Spanish summer.